João Cordeiro has been developing his artistic, scientific and professional work around the subject of sound, mostly as a researcher, educator, sound designer and musician. He holds a PhD in Science and Technology of the Arts - specialisation in Computer Music - awarded by the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto. His research interests include soundscapes studies and sonic interaction design. He has been teaching at the School of Arts – UCP in Porto for the last 5 year and is now working as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Creative Industries - Saint Joseph University, Macau. 



Born in 1981, Portalegre, Portugal
Lives in Macau
Currently working full-time as Assistant Professor at Faculty of Creative Industries - University of Saint Joseph, Macao
Full-time lecturer at Católica Porto from 2008 to 2013
Sound and Image Bachelor Degree at
Sound Design Master Degree at EA-UCP
PhD Degree at EA-UCP
Researcher at
Pro Tools AVID Certified Instructor
Plays in a band
Founding member of GARE
Speaks and writes Portuguese and English
Understands Spanish and French
Average skills in MAX/MSP, Pure Data, HTML, PHP and C++
Average skills in video editing and production


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