Houdini Blues is a pop-rock band based in Évora - Alentejo, although none of its members actually reside there. It was formed in 2006 and keeps 4 (out of 5) elements of its original formation. I play keyboards and composed some of the songs of the four LP's the band has released until now. I was responsible for recording our last album (Suão) @ UCP Studios, which was mixed by Armando Teixeira.

André Rodrigues
Gonçalo Frota
Hugo Frota
João Cordeiro
Ricardo Gonçalves

Main Releases:
True Life is Elsewhere (Lux Records, 2001)
Extravaganza (Self-released, 2003)
F-de-Falso (Cobra Discos, 2006)
Suão (Self-released, 2011)

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