Maria José Silva was a Portuguese multidisciplinary artist particularly active in the film production. She has directed and produced more than 10 films, all with very limited resources. What makes this lady a quite interesting case is the total absence of any cinema background on her education. Instead, she has always worked as a cheese maker, housekeeper and other non-artistic jobs. Only in the 80s, when she was on her 30s, she started a cinematographic career after buying a second-hand super-8 camera.

In the later years of her life, she had become a success story among the popular artistic scene, with regular appearances on TV shows and press. Nonetheless, her unique style has also captured the attention of the highbrow artistic community in Porto and Lisbon, being invited to talk and show her work on art and film festivals such as DocLisboa and Troca-se Por Arte.

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I started working with her in 2007, doing the audio/video post-production for the movie “Mulheres Traídas” (Betrayed Women) and followed with the audio/video post-production for “A Mãe Que Eu Sempre Sonhei” (The Mother I Always Dreamed”) in 2009.


Watch “Mulheres Traídas” trailer