Albeit not considering my self an animator, I’ve developed some animation projects with Cristina Dias, my wife, typically for promoting my artistic and research projects.
Our style is quite simple concerning the animation techniques implied. The movies are mostly sustained by her beautiful illustrations, which I animate using video and image editing software (Adobe Premier and Photoshop). I've also been in charge of the for these movies, sometimes even composing the music for them.



Pirâmide music video
Piramide is a music video for the 1st single of the album Suão by Houdini Blues. It is a story about routines and disruptions. It was produced in 2010.


Hurly-Burly promotional video
These two videos illustrate the concept and functioning of the mobile application Hurly Burly. The music was originally created for the clip.

More about this project.



Entre o Vivo o Não-Vivo e o Morto promotional video
This video was made to promote a philosophical publication edited by Paulo Serra and published by CEPIA. Music by Charles Mingus.

About the publication:
Meta des iguais
As folhas ardem
Photos Phatos
Donne moi ma chance