Revisitar | Descobrir Guerra de Junqueiro is a project by the department of Sound and Image, the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University (Oporto) with coordination and scientific direction by Henrique Manuel S. Pereira. It started with the documentary Nome de Guerra, a Viagem de Junqueiro; followed by A Música de Junqueiro and the Concert/DVD Guerra Junqueiro Imagens e Sons.


Nome de Guerra, a Viagem de Junqueiro
Nome de Guerra, a Viagem de Junqueiro is a documentary about the life and artistic production of Portuguese poet Guerra Junqueiro. I was responsible for most of the production sound and whole sound design for the movie (foleys, SFX, voice off, mixing). Length: 55 min.


A Música de Junqueiro
A Música de Junqueiro is a double CD with more than 40 songs based on Junqueiro’s poetic compositions. Featuring composition from Romanoff Salvini, Miguel Nagelo, Óscar da Silvam António Fragoso, J. Antônio Barroso Netto, Tomas Borba, J. Viana da Mota, Cláudio Carneiro, Fernandolopes-Graça, FernandoValente, Manuel Ferreira Patrício Luís Cilia, João Mascarenhas, Houdini Blues, myself (with the song “Carta a um amigo”, and many others. It describes a span of time through diverse aesthetics and musical eras, from1884 to 2009.
I was responsible fro recording, mixing and mastering the majority of the songs, at UCP studios. The CDs were accompanied by a booklet and together were release in the Portuguese newspaper Público.


Guerra Junqueiro Imagens e Sons
Guerra Junqueiro Imagens e Sons was and event centred in Junqueiro, as tribute to the poet,taking place on the night of November 17, 2009 at the Auditorium Ilídio Pinho – UCP- Oporto. Singing, recitals and music performances, combined with image, sound, 3D and dance.  The footage of the event was later released in DVD.
I was the technical sound-director of the event, responsible fro coordinating the FOH and stage sound and recording the show. Later I was responsible for the post-production of the sound of the DVD.