This short-term research project proposes a Soundscape Assessment tool based on a Massive Multichannel Loudspeaker Setup. I was the project leader and worked closely with Adrian Santos a graduate student at the time. The goal of this research was to enhance soundscape assessment methodologies by improving the quality and validity of laboratorial testing. Our proposal builds upon the concepts of “ecological validity” of auditory stimuli and “representative design” of the listening experience, both introduced in context of psychological experiments on perception. The results suggested that representative design (mimicking real-world settings in laboratory) in soundscapes listening tests is better achieved through surround systems than binaural systems (using headphones). Moreover, users agreed that a proposed interactive system for real-time soundscape design helped raising awareness for the soundscape phenomena.

The project was presented at EcHoPolis2013

Cordeiro, J., Barbosa, A., & Santos, A. (2013). A Soundscape Assessment Tool Based On A Massive Multichannel Loudspeaker Setup. In Proceeding of Echopolis-Days of Sound 2013: Sounds, noise and music for re-thinking sustainable city and econeighborhood. Athina: SDMed.