The Bloom Pavilion is a temporary structure designed and built by University of Saint Joseph architecture students under the supervision of Visiting Professors Jason Dembski and João Palla. 

The Bloom Pavilion is a parametrically generated form, all built in bamboo and fabric panels, featuring a LED lighting system and a stereophonic sound installation design by me and Álvaro Barbosa.

The pavilion remained at Plaza Sai Van, adjacent to the lake, from 24 May until 7 June.

The project was funded by the Macau Foundation and Traxon Technologies.


Sound Concept

Departing from the name of the construction - Bloom(ing) - we have composed four pieces based on the different meanings the concept affords.

Piece 1) - Flower Blooming: an ethereal composition based on rising chords of Lydian scale triads.

Piece 2) - Algal Bloom: Textures created from grains of sound, interleaved with aquatic deep sounds and some melodic arpeggio.

Piece 3) - Jellyfish Bloom: Deep low aquatic sounds.

Piece 4) - Bloom Syndrome: Speech based composition, heavily processed, disrupted by percussive tonal phrases. 


Bloom Pavilion on the Press