This project is part of a PhD research project concerning sound based social networks, conducted at the Research Centre for Science and Technology in Arts (CITAR). 



Hurly-Bulry (noun busy, boisterous activity) is a context-sensing mobile application for the iOS, developed as a research tool to assess the role of sound in social media. 
The application is comprised of 4 main blocks: soundscape-sensing, information visualization, sonification and database.
The underlying goal of the application (and the research itself) is to raise awareness for the sonic phenomenon which is part of our daily life.

The credit for this idea is shared with Ana Parada and Katerina Markova.




Sound-Based Social Networks is the topic of an ongoing PhD research developed by João Cordeiro at the Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts (CITAR) - Portuguese Catholic University in Porto - Portugal. It is supervised by Professor Álvaro Barbosa and Co-Supervised by Professor Luís Gustavo Martins.

The main goal of the research is to assess the role of sound in the social media domain, mainly regarding soundscapes or the acoustic environment of places. Our hypothesis is that sound holds important information about places/peoples activities and by sharing this information within our social network new and welcomed interactions take place.

To validate this hypothesis we have designed and developed a research tool called hurly-burly.


How it works