Ambivalences” is the name of an electroacoustic piece and audiovisual performance inspired by the dualities in the post-colonial territory of Macau (a former Portuguese colony in China). The performance is comprised of an experimental documentary video and and electroacoustic piece for viola, saxian and live electronics.  Polarities between Old-New, East-West, Nature-Urban and Religious-Secular are presented along four thematic sequences: water, city, people and celebrations. Significance emerging from the juxtaposition of ambivalent imagery is subjectively created in the mind of the audience, as the performance in itself is deliberately dispassionate about any political, social or cultural statement.


In this project I have collaborated with the Hong Kong New Musical Ensemble, collecting and editing the footage and creating the live electronics for the piece. The system I used for the live electronics was based on a Max/MSP patch, combining realtime looping and processing of the acoustic instruments with fixed synthesis.


The performance was commissioned by the 6th Sound and Image Challenge 2015.


Premier: Opening Ceremony of the 6th SIC’15

Date: 1 December 2015

Venue: Dom Pedro V Theatre (Macau)

Duration: 20 min


Composer: Austin Leung

Viola: William Lane (Hong Kong New Musical Ensemble)

Sanxian: Stella Chan (Hong Kong New Musical Ensemble)

Live Electronics: João Cordeiro

Video: João Cordeiro

Concept: William Lane, Austin Leung and João Cordeiro


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